27th April 2018

BMW’s First AVs Will Feature Innoviz’s Solid-State Lidar

BMW has inked a new deal with Israeli startup Innoviz to bring solid-state Lidar technology to the automaker's upcoming line-up of autonomous vehicles. The partnership is designed to make...


20th April 2018

Driven Consortium Tests Connected Fleet Vehicles in UK

Autonomous vehicles will have to talk to each other, and those conversations can be used to make vehicles smarter and safer. This is what the UK-based Driven consortium is...


9th March 2018

Could this be the year the car starts ‘thinking’?

The next few years are expected to transform the auto industry as automakers begin to deploy their first self-driving vehicles. This will bring a number of dramatic changes in...


9th February 2018

T-Mobile Provides Connectivity to Your Automobile

Daniel Rockey, the senior manager for Product Management at T-Mobile, talked with Heavy Reading analyst Steve Bell at the recent TU-Automotive Consumer Telematics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, to...



5th February 2018

Deloitte: Connected Car Tech Is Disrupting Auto Supply

As connected car technology moves OEMs and consumer electronics brands into unlikely partnerships, analyst firm Deloitte sees supply chain disruption.


25th January 2018

Inside GM’s Steering Wheel-less, Pedal-less Driverless Car

GM's Cruise AV is scheduled to launch in 2019.


22nd January 2018

Intel, Mobileye Will Use 2M Vehicles to Build HD Maps

Intel's Mobileye unit will equip BMWs, Nissans and Volkswagens to help crowdsource data for 3D HD mapping.


10th January 2018

Gentex Unveiling Iris-Scanning Driver Authentication at CES

In-Vehicle Biometrics are the latest in-car security technology.


9th January 2018

Lithium Ion Battery Inventor: EVs Need Stronger Batteries

Many people believe that electric vehicles represent the future of the automotive industry, and it’s hard to argue with them. Generally speaking, running a car on electricity is considerably...


27th October 2017

Smart headlight meant to make night driving safer

Osram Opto Semiconductors introduces the Eviyos prototype, billed by the German maker of lighting products as the world’s first hybrid LED. When Eviyos is in use, the appropriate pixels...


6th October 2017

Embedded navigation to stick around, say panellists

It may seem like the flurry of vehicles getting Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay integration quickly will make embedded navigation systems obsolete. But panellists representing some embedded navigation-system suppliers...


7th July 2017

Mapping could hold to key to mass adoption of ADAS

The development of ADAS technology brings with it a host of new challenges, from simulation data and real-world feedback, to the need for collaborative partnerships and common formats. While...