27th October 2017

Smart headlight meant to make night driving safer

Osram Opto Semiconductors introduces the Eviyos prototype, billed by the German maker of lighting products as the world’s first hybrid LED. When Eviyos is in use, the appropriate pixels...


6th October 2017

Embedded navigation to stick around, say panellists

It may seem like the flurry of vehicles getting Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay integration quickly will make embedded navigation systems obsolete. But panellists representing some embedded navigation-system suppliers...


7th July 2017

Mapping could hold to key to mass adoption of ADAS

The development of ADAS technology brings with it a host of new challenges, from simulation data and real-world feedback, to the need for collaborative partnerships and common formats. While...


30th June 2017

Suppliers need to ‘copper-bottom’ driverless contracts

While there will be many business opportunities for automotive senior tier suppliers with the expansion of autonomous technology, there will also be some very serious risks. That’s because carmakers...


7th February 2017

Nissan believes robots will have to learn to second-guess

Machines will have to learn how to interact with humans on the road if an autonomous driving future is to become a near horizon reality. That’s because driverless car...


13th January 2017

Kia dealers boast transparency with 3-D hologram car

Kia equips two of its dealerships in the upscale Gangnam district of Seoul with hologram display centres that enable customers to call up a full range of models, manipulate...


25th November 2016

Tested: Tesla Autopilot in the Model X 90D

This car screams technology from the moment you approach and touch the chrome strip paddles that open the front doors automatically or the rear ones that see the huge...


7th October 2016

Imagination is the only limitation to using vehicle data

Automakers have been severely challenged by the rush to bring mobile devices into the car but connectivity is a feature many consumers cannot live without. Alan Ewing, president and...


23rd September 2016

Patience will be the chief virtue for exponents of the driverless car

Introduction: Rapid acceleration Assisted driving has come very far, very fast. Almost every current vehicle model sold by the world’s top manufacturers has at least some ADAS functionality, with...


11th July 2016

Weekly Brief: VW partners with LG to build full IoT savvy cabin

You forgot the beer. Or you think you might have, as you’re cruising home to a host a party for the Rio Olympics. So you press a button on...


27th August 2015

Video: Vehicle to pedestrian communications could radically reduce accidents

Don't miss Active Safety: ADAS to Autonomous this October 12-13


20th July 2015

Expansion of global reach by TomTom

TomTom’s global map database now covers over 45.6M kilometres and 4.3Bn people worldwide and features full navigable coverage for 134 countries.  “The addition of nearly 3M kilometres of roads...