13th March 2020

Changing Up Through the Gears to Level 4

The global automotive sector still remains in the early stages of Level 2 autonomy. Estimates by Singapore technology market analysts Canalys finds that only 11% of new cars sold...

By Andrew Williams


2nd March 2020

Weekly Brief: Trump’s ‘America First’ Driverless Double Standards?

The US government slammed the brakes on one self-driving shuttle service last week. Its move was in response to problems with the EasyMile service after one of its shuttles...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


18th February 2020

On-Road Belarus AV Tests Bring Closer Links With China

To most people in the western world, Belarus is just a speck on the map somewhere between Dublin and Tokyo. To technology experts, it is a small, albeit booming,...

By Roma Nazarov


17th February 2020

Weekly Brief: Latest Driverless Crash Proves the Need

A Waymo self-diving vehicle was involved in a bizarre accident last month in Tempe, Arizona, police reports confirmed last week. The accident happened when a disgruntled former Waymo safety...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

6th February 2020

Uber to Restart AV Testing in Frisco

Uber is set to restart real-world autonomous testing less than two years after its engineers were deemed culpable in the death of a pedestrian in Arizona. The Californian Department...


3rd February 2020

Simultaneous AV Bus Trials for Five European Cities

Five European cities will host simultaneous autonomous public transport bus fleets in what is, arguably, the natural home for driverless technology. Three consortiums of companies have been awarded the...


23rd January 2020

GM Cruise’s Driverless Damp Squib

General Motors’ Cruise has launched its first fully autonomous vehicle claiming it was “production ready” but, in truth, it remains only a concept. That’s because the Cruise Origin, constructed...


13th January 2020

Weekly Brief: US Abandons AV Restraint as Makers Self-Regulate

The United States government would like the self-driving car industry to know something. It’s that it can do whatever it would like, wherever it would like, whenever it would...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th January 2020

VW Uses Simulation for Peak Performance

Sponsored Content Simulation helped Volkswagen smash the Pike Peaks climb record and will accelerate electrification and autonomous driving development.


3rd January 2020

Like a Foxtrot, 2020 Likely to be Quick-Quick-Slow for Auto Tech

Technology is firmly ensconced in the auto industry, with automakers, Tier 1s and other suppliers convinced that software and technology will become at least as important as vehicle components....

By Susan Kuchinskas


20th December 2019

Connectivity Hurdles Driverless Tech Still to Clear

Connected and autonomous vehicles are no doubt part of the future. However, as with electric vehicles, there are hurdles that they are going to have to resolve rather than...

By Graham Jarvis


16th December 2019

Weekly Brief: Fledgling Driverless Outfit Butters Up Fleet Market

A shipment of 40,000-lbs of butter was the first self-driving freight cross-country delivery in the United States. Autonomous truck start-up completed the delivery over the Thanksgiving break. The...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve