Autonomous Vehicles

29th March 2023

Kia to Bring L3 Autonomous Driving to New EV9

Kia will bring Level 3 automated driving capabilities to its latest BEV product to markets where regulations allow its use. Its Highway Driving Pilot (HDP) system claims to provide...


24th March 2023

Toyota Refines Crash Test Analysis for Autonomous Functions

Toyota says it has refined its latest generation crash testing analysis system to model accident scenarios in cars using autonomous driving at Level 3. Its THUMS (Total Human Model...


20th March 2023

Autonomous Consequences Could Include More Traffic

Most discussions about driverless, autonomous cars, have led to claims that they will help reduce congestion. Not so, says the RAC Foundation. It cites a UK government report which...

By Graham Jarvis

17th March 2023

Limitations and Benefits of Big Tech Business Models in Automotive

Big Tech is influencing many areas of industry and society today. There is no doubt about it. They include companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet (Google). It’s...

By Graham Jarvis


8th March 2023

Opel Joins Driverless Pilot Aimed at Urban Mobility

Opel has joined a German autonomous driving pilot in a bid to develop a fully functioning driverless city-focused prototype within the next two years. The joint project STADT:up hopes...


3rd March 2023

Ford Takes Another Punt on Driverless Tech

Ford looks set on having a second stab at developing driverless technology just months after losing billions of dollars on the failed Argo AI enterprise. The automaker this week...


21st February 2023

JLR Shuns Additional UK Hub in Driverless Tech Expansion

Jaguar Land Rover is extending its drive for autonomous driving by opening three more global technology hubs in Europe but none of them in the UK. While the automaker...


20th February 2023

Weekly Brief: AI Limitations Highlighted by Tesla and Digital Giants

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) forced Tesla into the largest-ever recall of electric vehicles owing to its faulty Full Self Driving Beta software. According to the recall...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


17th February 2023

Why Smart Cities need More Than Just Autonomous Vehicles

Cities aren’t just about one thing. There are many aspects of life in the city, and transport is but one of them. That’s why it’s suggested that smart cities...

By Graham Jarvis

17th February 2023

Tesla Agrees to Mass US Recall over Full Self-Driving Fears

As predicted earlier this year, Tesla has been forced into a mass recall of its vehicles over regulator concerns for the safety of owners using its Full Self-Driving (FSD)...


3rd February 2023

Polestar 5 to get Latest Gen Long Range LiDAR

Polestar’s upcoming four-door grand tourer BEV will feature Luminar’s latest generation LiDAR as part of its sensor suite. The automaker has announced that the two companies are expanding their...


2nd February 2023

Sensible 4 Claims Proven Driverless Tech in Artic Conditions

Autonomous technology specialist Sensible 4 claims a world first in proving its automated driving systems worked in a long-term trial within the Artic Circle. The trial, spanning three seasons,...