Challenges CIOs Face Globally in the Coming 12 months

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features John Jalovec.  Mr. Jalovec is CIO Partner with Fortium Partners, and has served as CIO or as an Executive Technology Leader at major Industrial companies that include General Motors, Delphi Automotive, Honeywell, Magna International, Pirelli Corporation, Babcock & Wilcox, and Avery Dennison. He successfully led global business transformations in excess of $500 million, including the $30 billion business carve-out of Delphi Automotive from GM (a Board driven initiative), cited as a best practice case study by Harvard Business Review.

In the 16-minute audio interview, Mr. Jalovec discusses these questions:

  • How does a CIO navigate the twist and turns of the current global environment?
  • How will the global CIO role change in this new environment?
  • How does the CIO keep IT employees engaged at the highest level across regions / countries?
  • How does the CIO address global differences in resources, vendors, capabilities, and requirements?
  • What are the ramifications of Smart Cars and their digital requirements on IT globally?

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