CeBIT News: SecuStar’s PositionTracer puts a bodyguard on your mobile phone


With this solution, current locations and movements can be tracked online on a map or a satellite photo in real-time. Zones can be defined to trigger an alarm by e-mail, text message, messenger service, etc, whenever anyone enters or leaves the area.

PositionTracer functions like a mobile guardian angel for its owner and is particularly suitable for locating children, the elderly or ill, who can use this technology to indicate emergency situations such as accidents or kidnappings by pressing a "panic" button.

According to the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), more than 1,300 14-17 year-olds and 500 under-14s were missing as at July 2007, with 200 to 300 new cases added daily.

While missing youngsters are often found quickly, some are never found. Thousands of emergency calls are made on mobile phones daily, but only a small percentage are able to indicate their exact location.

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