22nd January 2018

ARM Providing Security for Smart Cars

ARM is applying security lessons from IoT to connected cars.



21st July 2017

Building the blocks in auto cyber security

Automotive technology is leading the way in many new innovations so it’s not such a surprise that blockchain could soon be looking after the cyber security of cars. That’s...


15th August 2016

Weekly Brief: Millions of VW vehicles vulnerable to wireless key hack

Have a Volkswagen? Better buy a steering wheel lock. Researchers at the University of Birmingham, in concert with German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald, have found a wireless hack...


4th March 2016

It’s best not to get too hacked-off with cyber-security

Future cars may be smarter but that doesn't mean they will be less vulnerable to attacks that could disrupt or alter their operation. The Jeep Cherokee hack was a...


26th February 2016

Cyber threats go beyond the boundaries of vehicle control

Q: What are the top threats to cybersecurity in the automotive industry? “One is an industry focus on quality control rather than quality assurance. In general, quality control means...


8th January 2016

Exploring whether cybersecurity winds are set fair for over-the-air updates

Last year, cybersecurity was thrust into the spotlight when two major hacks exposed key weaknesses for automakers. The first was Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), who famously fell victim to...


8th January 2016

There’s no time to lose in locking hackers out of connected cars

“Your car is a giant computer – and it can be hacked,” blared the headline on CNN’s web site. That feels like lurid, sensationalistic sound-bite; surely in this advanced...


20th February 2015

Weekly Brief: U.S. Senators drive legislation for automotive cyber security

In this week’s Brief: BMW, OnStar, U.S. Senator Ed Markey, NHTSA, FTC, Volvo, Google, Audi, Chicago Auto Show, Acura, Apple, Toyota, Oculus, Goodyear and Ford. If you’ve tuned out...


6th February 2015

Weekly Brief: BMW responds as 2 million of its cars shown vulnerable to hacking

In this week’s Brief: BMW, German Automobile Association, Octo Telematics, SAS, Volkswagen, RAC Limited, OnStar, Apple, ELEKS, Tesla, President Obama, U.S. Congress, Baron Services, Earth Networks and WeatherBug.  ...