Electric Vehicles

13 Aug 2018

Fuel-Cell Boost With Horiba Acquisition

The acquisition of FuelCon should bolster Horiba’s test system portfolio for fuel cells, batteries and other e-vehicle components. Precision-instruments manufacturer Horiba announced the acquisition of FuelCon, a supplier of...


30 Jul 2018

London black cab boost by Volvo

Volvo is underscoring its commitment to electric vehicles (EVs) with its latest venture in a dealership tie-up with the iconic ‘London black cab’, writes Paul Myles. One of the...


24 Jul 2018

Thumbs down for EV despite UK government push

Consumers are displaying a lot less enthusiasm for electric vehicles than carmakers and regulators, a UK survey has revealed, reports Paul Myles. As the government unveils its Road to...


17 Jul 2018

Ricardo makes 50% performance hike for new e-motor

A low voltage motor for hybrid vehicles has been announced by Ricardo claiming a whopping 50% increase in performance compared to current production machines, writes Paul Myles. The strategic...


08 Jun 2018

BEVs won’t have monopoly on e-mobility

Challenges and opportunities of current and future battery technology for electric vehicles, investigated by Lynn Walford. It’s clear we are on the verge of a great transformation in the...


01 Jun 2018

EVs may be the future but it’s not anytime soon

The challenges facing electrification of transport explored by Susan Kuchinskas. Udelv’s autonomous truck recently delivered groceries from a local market to two customers in San Mateo, California. Udelv says...


25 May 2018

EVs could provide the spark to ignite new mobility solutions

How electric vehicles fit with automakers’ future mobility plans, explored by Simmi Sinha. Electric powertrains are the recent trend in automotive domain and that could begin to put the...


11 May 2018

Energy peaks no trough for EVs, says Nissan

Sharing energy will help to solve electric vehicle surge issues, Nissan’s Gareth Dunsmore tells Paul Myles. One of the biggest challenges facing the prospect of an all-electric transport future...


11 Jun 2015

TU-Automotive Detroit 2015 – Day 2: A broader approach but mobility and autonomy dominate debate

Yet, these trends were not so separate – the mobility and autonomy discussions permeated almost every session on the second day of the conference. Speaker after speaker emphasised that...


11 Jun 2015

TU-Automotive Detroit 2015 – Day 1: More tech, more information and much more debate

The first day of TU-Automotive Detroit 2015 was a model of the fast expansion of the industry: more attendees, more exhibitors, more speakers and four different tracks. The focus...


03 Jun 2015

TU-Automotive Awards 2015 winners revealed

Naturally, competition for each category was fierce but the best-of-the-best can now be revealed as: Car Maker of the Year: Volvo Car Group Volvo swept rivals aside by taking...


29 May 2015

Weekly Brief: Chevrolet announces broad CarPlay, Android Auto deployment for 2016

In this week’s Brief: Apple, Google, GM, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Volvo, Ferrari, Hyundai, Audi, CES Asia 2015, Baidu, Mobile World Congress 2015, Shanghai OnStar, China Mobile, Cadillac, Apple Watch, Android...