Electric Vehicles

5th January 2021

VW Expands German EV Charging to Meet Demand

Volkswagen is claiming to have seen a boom in demand for EV charging points in its domestic outlets. In response it says it will be significantly expanding the charging...


6th October 2020

Aspects of Electrified Drivetrain Development and Vehicle Integration

This presentation will provide a glimpse of drivetrain trends in the automotive industry. Specifically, Kiran will discuss the influence of electrified propulsion systems on powertrain development, and review hybrid...


27th June 2019

Three New Electrified Fords Spearhead EV Strategy

A full BEV Ford Mustang-inspired SUV will head the line-up of electrified versions of three new nameplates in the next five years as part of the carmaker’s pledge towards...


20th June 2019

BP Plays EV Catch-Up With AI For Accurate Range

Global oil producer BP is trying to muscle into EV transportation with plans to use AI to overcome wildly fluctuating range estimates currently being calculated by vehicles. It has...


19th June 2019

VW Readies for Car-share EV Fleet Launch

Volkswagen is readying its car-sharing platform by ramping up the number of EV chargers in supermarket car parks in Berlin. The carmaker’s WeShare program will launch in the city...


18th June 2019

Renault Beefs Up Zoe

Renault has boosted power and range with its second generation Zoe electric hatchback. The new Zoe has a larger, 52 kWh battery and a more powerful, 100 kW electric...


17th June 2019

EV Black Cab Company Branches Into LCVs

The London EV Company (LEVC) has reworked its passenger carrying electric black cab into a light commercial vehicle. Retaining the gasoline range extender system, the plug-in LCV claims an electric-only range of 80 miles while being capable...


13th June 2019

Fiat Ducato Van Will Go Electric Next Year

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced an electric version of the Ducato van will be available in 2020, launching a pilot scheme with “major clients”. This follows announcements from...


10th June 2019

Two Minute BEV Charging Promised By Le Mans Race Team

A Le Mans race team hopes to revolutionize BEV transportation by introducing technology claiming to fully charge a car in just two minutes. The Dutch team, InMotion, plans to develop their concept of electric refueling and then race at the iconic endurance...

5th June 2019

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover Unite to Develop EVs

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover are joining forces to develop electric and hybrid vehicles, the two automakers have announced. The aim of the collaboration is to ultimately reduce the...


3rd June 2019

Hyundai Beefs up Range with Hybrid Kona

Hyundai is adding a hybrid version of its popular Kona SUV to its lineup, in response to apparent customer demand. The hybrid version of the popular crossover features 1.6...


Collaboration Way Forward for EV Adoption, Says Greenlots
19th September 2018

Collaboration Way Forward for EV Adoption, Says Greenlots

Greg Hyde talks to Scott Fisher, vice-president of market development at Greenlots, about the current direction of the EV sector in the US. Despite conflicting evidence on the potential...