13 Nov 2018

Sprint Joins the Connected-Car Add-On Game

With Drive, Sprint joins Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T in offering products that make older cars more connected.


05 Nov 2018

University Turns Itself Into CV/AV Research Center

A major US public university is turning itself into a center of “mobility research and development”. Michigan State University (MSU) says it aims “to advance smart vehicle technology” with...


23 Oct 2018

How Cloud Can Give Data Transfer the Edge

The transfer of data is vital to make real-time decisions in connected and autonomous vehicles. To achieve this prerequisite there is also a need to identify the best way...

By Graham Jarvis


19 Oct 2018

Drivers Want Ownership Over Data Connected Cars Collect – Survey

In addition to attitudes toward data collection, the ACA survey findings revealed low awareness among US vehicle owners of the data their cars produce, as well as who owns...


18 Oct 2018

Connected-Car System Should Give Way to WiFi, Cable Lobbying Group Argues

The NCTA has sent a letter to the FCC, arguing that commission should free up spectrum that auto industry isn't using to increased WiFi capacity. The Auto Alliance disagrees.


12 Oct 2018

Audi, Huawei Unveil Autonomous CV Tech

Audi and Huawei have used the new Audi Q7 to demonstrate the connected self-driving vehicle technology on which they have been collaborating. At a company event, they demonstrated how...


28 Sep 2018

CV “Middleware” Maker Developing Tech Using Funding

An automotive hardware company says the funding it’s injecting into a CV cloud tech maker will be used to help develop the latter company’s products. Along with venture capital...


26 Sep 2018

5G Record Breaks New Ground for Driverless Comms

UK university researchers have broken a 5G data transfer record that could accelerate the communications capabilities for autonomous vehicles. Researchers in the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University...

Paul Myles


25 Sep 2018

AT&T, IoT Specialist Launching CV Platform

AT&T and an IoT device maker are jointly launching a platform they claim can bring connectivity to most vehicles manufactured from 1996 onward. AT&T and HARMAN are claiming that...


24 Sep 2018

Faster Forward Episode 5: Connectivity & Mobility Converge at MWC Americas

TU Auto's "Faster Forward" team reports from the show floor at Mobile World Congress Americas, where mobility-related businesses are harnessing the next generation of low-latency, high-speed networks to transform...



17 Sep 2018

Hitachi Links with NXP on DSRC-based V2X

Hitachi Solutions and NXP Semiconductors are joining forces to develop a new vehicle-to-everything (V2X) hardware and software package aimed at the Japanese market. The package will incorporate a V2X...


17 Sep 2018

Ford’s Connected Focus Winning Consumer Hearts

Carmakers have long been attempting to find ways to make their products as much as possible interoperable and, even, interchangeable with their consumers’ smartphones. They are doing this with...