24th May 2019

Connected Cars Both Best Friend and Worst Enemy, Warns BlackBerry

Automobiles are quickly becoming data collection devices and, with that transition, comes a new set of rules, consumer expectations and even regulations like GDPR. It’s a challenge that social...

By Louis Bedigian


23rd May 2019

VW Launches Geolocation Shopping Pitch

Volkswagen has launched a vehicle finding app that will pitch shopping suggestions to its consumers. The ‘We Experience’ bolt-on has been added to its ‘Volkswagen We’ digital ecosystem in...


22nd May 2019

5G Verses DSRC Bun Fight Has Long Way To Go

Earlier this month the European Parliament ratified draft rules by the bloc’s executive body, the European Commission to endorse WiFi-based communications standards between connected vehicles. While the technology is...


20th May 2019

Retrofit EV Telematics Launched by ERM

A telematics solution tailored for EVs’ specific needs claims retrofit capabilities to bring older vehicles into the connected car world. ERM Advanced Telematics will launch its StarLink EV, a...


16th May 2019

Flash Memory Making Bid in Data Storage Wars

Connected and autonomous vehicles of the near future will be running a suite of complex processes and applications that require robust and scalable flash memory solutions. With the swiftly...


15th May 2019

Russia Torn Between East And West in Auto Connectivity

The majority of Russian first responders were connected to fleet telematic solutions in the past ten years thus reducing response time by up to 50% from the pre-connectivity era....

By Roma Nazarov


8th May 2019

Blockchain Seen As Key to Realizing Connected Car Revenues

Blockchain technology is often lauded as being able offer improved security, transparency, and speed of transactions between data sets. Proponents of the technology, where a shared database exists on...


1st May 2019

5G Could Be Too Busy For Mission Critical Auto Roles

It’s an article of faith for many involved in the assisted/autonomous driving space that 5G wireless technology is mission critical. Like any technology, though, it isn’t perfect; there are...

By Eric Volkman


29th April 2019

JLR Offers Customers Cryptocurrency Earnings

Jaguar Land Rover is testing an in-car payment system that could earn its customers bonus incentives with cryptocurrency. Its ‘Smart Wallet’ system claims to allow JLR owners earn credits...


26th April 2019

Visa Gets Sirius About In-Car Payments

Even the most casual observer of the connected car space realizes that fully featured in-car payment technology isn’t an if, it’s a when. What’s more a question is, what...

By Eric Volkman


23rd April 2019

5G Extracts More V2X Revenue From Consumers Than DSRC

Top spot as the future dominant technology in the connected car world is still uncertain as dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and 5G LTE wireless slug it out. Yet, as...


UK’s 4G Infrastructure Slammed By Automakers
9th April 2019

UK’s 4G Infrastructure Slammed By Automakers

An automakers’ representative body has condemned shortfalls in the UK’s existing 4G infrastructure at a time when the telecoms industry is planning 5G automotive capabilities. The Society for Motor...