5th May 2021

NI Acquisition to ‘Advance ADAS and Automated Tech’

Automated test equipment specialist National Instruments is accelerating its reach into commercial driverless technology with the acquisition of an automotive virtual test simulator developer. NI has taken over monoDrive...


30th April 2021

Driverless Tech’s Best Bet is with Open Source

Millbrook Proving Ground and Midlands Future Mobility have opted to develop ‘neutral host’ networks. These are allowing any connected and autonomous vehicle developer to work with any mobile network...

By Graham Jarvis


26th April 2021

Weekly Brief: Latest Tesla Fatal Crash Demands Tighter Regulation

A fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S has once again raised concerns about the safety risks posed by self-driving technology. The accident happened in the suburbs of Houston,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


22nd April 2021

Data Storage Trying to Keep Up with a Speeding Car

Development and testing of autonomous vehicle technology is data intensive, requiring solutions for the management and storage and of rapidly expanding volumes of data. The primary reason for this...


22nd April 2021

Russia Claims First AI Powered Robot Harvesters for Sale

Russia is claiming the first standard production artificial intelligence powered combine harvesters will come to market this month. Autonomous driving technology specialist, Cognitive Pilot, and Bryanskselmash, agricultural equipment manufacturer,...


21st April 2021

REE Backs Navya in Autonomous Tech Bid

Two automotive disruptors are teaming up in a bid to take a slice of the electric powered driverless future that many are working towards. Autonomous systems specialist, Navya, and...


16th April 2021

Driver and Passenger Monitoring Brings Zero Cabin Privacy

Driver monitoring is key to the growing requirements, globally, for improved road safety, with regulatory and safety bodies in Europe acknowledging its importance. This trend extends globally as the...

13th April 2021

V2-Pedestrian Tech Launch Aims to Save 1M Lives

Vehicle-to-pedestrian communication technology has been launched claiming the potential to save one million lives a year currently taken in global road traffic accidents. North American technology company, !important Safety...


6th April 2021

Ford Launches Retrofit Camera activated ‘Smart Mirror’ for LCVs

Ford has introduced its first retrofit camera activated ‘smart mirror’ for its Transit range of LCVs. Owners of both the Transit and the Transit Custom van models are being...


1st April 2021

Xpeng Autonomous Drive Results Fail to Impress

Chinese automaker Xpeng has finally released data a full year after a ‘real-world’ autonomous driving expedition by a fleet of its production passenger vehicles. It claims that a total...


19th March 2021

In-Door Mapping to Advance Automated Valet Parking

In-door mapping could soon advance automated valet parking to the mass market now that a production-ready navigation suite is available. Parking specialist Parkopedia has launched a production version of...


11th March 2021

Volvo Pitches for AV Tech Verification

Volvo has embarked on an autonomous vehicle simulation partnership with Foretellix in a bid to define verification of the technology both on highways and confined areas. Both companies hope...