14th October 2019

Simple Driverless Hardware Choices Yet to be Settled

Some simple but serious strategic decisions over hardware for driverless vehicles have yet to be properly settled. That’s the opinion of Sandeep Sovani, director, global automotive industry, at Ansys...

By Graham Jarvis


11th October 2019

Toyota’s Latest BEV Urban AV Concept Unveiled

Toyota has released details of its latest iteration of an urban personal mobility solution in the shape of its LQ concept. The car will be shown at the 2019...


10th October 2019

Engineers Claim AV Collision Safety Mitigation

University engineers claim to have developed decision-making and motion-planning technology to mitigate injuries and damage when driverless vehicles crash. While the first rule for the AV crash-mitigation technology is...


1st October 2019

Breakthrough in V2X For Driverless Cars Claimed

A GPS positioning specialist is claiming a breakthrough in V2X technology that can position an autonomous vehicle within two centimeters when in underground locations or GPS ‘canyons’. Racelogic claims...


26th September 2019

Autonomous Vehicles Won’t Need Safety Systems, Says Hella

When autonomous vehicles have proved themselves safe and reliable enough, carmakers could end up stripping them of safety features saving on costs, weight and complexity. That’s the opinion of...


24th September 2019

Hyundai JV Promises Robo-Taxi By 2022

Hyundai’s latest joint venture could accelerate plans in autonomous vehicle technology as it hopes to launch a robo-taxi vehicle within three years. The carmaker has signed an agreement with...


23rd September 2019

LED Tech Promotes BEV and ADAS Development, Says Hella

Light-weighting of electronic components and greater use of LED is one of the ways automakers can improve range and performance for future BEVs. Neil Hilton from Hella Lights told TU-Automotive that owing to...


20th September 2019

Oxbotica Shows Speed of Recognition Required by AVs

Driverless vehicles will need to detect at least 150 other cars per second to cope with inner city traffic conditions. This is one of the findings from the UK’s...


20th September 2019

Driverless Car Price Tags At Least $100K By 2022

Costs of sensor arrays for autonomous vehicles will still see car price tags of more than $100,000 by the year 2022. That’s the finding of a new study by...


13th September 2019

UK University Installs Europe’s First Auto 5G Test Base

UK university researchers are claiming to have installed Europe’s first driverless car targeted 5G user equipment test bed. A team from the University of Warwick has embarked on a...


30th August 2019

Bosch Claims Breakthrough in AV Cameras

Automotive supply giant Bosch is claiming a breakthrough in camera technology promising to make cars “better drivers than humans”. Its AI enhanced camera arrays are set to make their...


29th August 2019

Apps Become Spanners For Driverless Cars, Says BlackBerry

The days of aftermarket, do-it-yourself repairs could come to an end as automakers strive to secure their vehicles from an onslaught of cyber-security threats. Depending on the make and...

By Louis Bedigian