20th November 2020

Renault Claims Success with Three-Year AV Project

Renault says it has completed its three-year real-world autonomous driving project claiming success with both its technology and consumer confidence. Starting in September 2017 in a region to the...


18th November 2020

Don’t Scare Fleet Drivers with Aggressive Monitoring, Says Zenduit

It is possible that fleet drivers could actively avoid using a vehicle’s autonomous features unless organizations and regulators take into account where the driving is taking place. That’s the...


18th November 2020

Mini Reveals its own Urbanite Driverless Lounge

Mini is the latest automaker to off the rolling lounge concept as its vision of what a driverless future could look like. Following in the tire tracks of the...


17th November 2020

JLR Creates Irish Smart City Hub for AV Testing

Jaguar Land Rover is creating its own smart city technology hub to advance its capabilities in building autonomous vehicles. While partnering with global software, mobility and telecoms companies it...


28th October 2020

Regulators Warned Against Allowing Driverless Lane-Change

Automotive safety experts and insurers are warning the UK government against its haste in allowing automated lane changing technology on to public roads. Thatcham Research and the Association of...


22nd October 2020

Kia Showcases Multi-Collision ADAS in Sorento

Kia has installed its first multi-collision ADAS system in its new European specification Sorento SUV to showcase technology claiming protection during a typical high speed accident. Often on large...


16th October 2020

Reasons Why Connected AVs will be Software-Defined

Microchip maker Nvidia and car manufacturer Mercedes are planning to roll out software-defined autonomous vehicles by 2024. They claim that the vehicles will be able to receive over-the-air (OTA)...

By Graham Jarvis


12th October 2020

Nissan Joins Project for Urban AV Advancement

Nissan has joined a private-public funded UK pilot to explore autonomous vehicle mobility in city environments. The latest AV research project launched this month is dubbed ServCity and hopes...

6th October 2020

Aspects of Electrified Drivetrain Development and Vehicle Integration

This presentation will provide a glimpse of drivetrain trends in the automotive industry. Specifically, Kiran will discuss the influence of electrified propulsion systems on powertrain development, and review hybrid...


2nd October 2020

Using ADAS to Increase Revenue Streams

Surging demand for safety features, greater convenience and high efficiency in vehicles is fueling the demand for ADAS. That’s the view of Dr Anuja Sonalker, founder, CEO at Steer....

By Simmi Sinha


1st October 2020

VW Eyes AV Boost with Camera Software Acquisition

Volkswagen is hoping to accelerate its driverless technology capabilities with the acquisition of an established front camera software business. Its subsidiary company, Car.Software Org, has acquired Hella Aglaia Mobile...


18th September 2020

HiPhi Claims World’s First L4 Parking Technology

Chinese automaker Human Horizons will roll-out what it claims to be the world’s first Level 4 autonomous parking technology on its premium sub-brand’s HiPhi X model. Its newly developed...