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Automotive Transformation: Three Challenges and a Moment of Clarity
30th June 2020

Automotive Transformation: Three Challenges and a Moment of Clarity

NetApp has been around for many years as a trusted on premise IT vendor.  In recent years, however, the company has been adapting to the cloud technology advancements occurring...

By Steve Bell


26th June 2020

AI Still Betting on Perfect Human Machine Marriage

When we read the words “artificial intelligence” (AI) we usually picture robots, machines, and circuit boards, not people. However, some working to develop AI solutions for cars aim to...

By Eric Volkman


12th June 2020

Overcoming Limitations of AI and Machine Learning in AVs

Autonomous vehicles are dependent on historical and real-time data, without which artificial intelligence and machine learning would be impossible. They aren’t plug-and-play because not all of the potential scenarios...

By Graham Jarvis


10th June 2020

Continental Sets Out its Auto AI Ethics

Automotive supplier giant Continental has drawn up a code of ethics that AI should abide by to quell consumer disquiet about the robotic system. Acknowledging that AI is becoming...


30th January 2020

Tire Makers Turn to AV Simulation With Digital Twins

Tire manufacturers are taking a leaf out of AV simulator tests by employing similar technology to design new products. ‘Digital twins’ of new designs are tested in virtual reality...


8th January 2020

Cheaper LiDAR Sensor Brings Trade Offs

The cost of LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles is decreasing, with one company claiming the first $100 unit. Naturally, Velodyne’s Velabit is not able to cover 360-degree capability of previous spinning sensors,...


6th January 2020

5G Harnessed to Alert Drivers of Pedestrians in Vehicle Path

A 5G-powered ‘vehicle-to-pedestrian’ system claims to alert drivers when a pedestrian is in their vehicle’s path. Developed by Samsung subsidiary Harman, vehicle-to-pedestrian uses low latency 5G scanning and peer-to-peer...


6th January 2020

Next-Gen Driver Monitoring Can Detect Emotions, Expressions

Swedish tech company Smart Eye’s ‘next generation’ driving monitoring system is able to detect changes in emotion or expressions on the faces of drivers. By using interior sensors in...


12th November 2019

Hyundai Claims Truck Platooning Success

Hyundai claims it has successfully operated truck platooning on a Korean government “test-bed” highway to prove its autonomous driving technology. Its trucks platooned on a 4.8-mile stretch of the...


30th October 2019

Toyota to Demo Autonomous Mobility Service in Tokyo

Toyota’s research arm will offer rides in a Level 4 autonomous vehicle as part of a demo on Toyota’s vision of shared mobility future. The scheme will be offered...


28th October 2019

Weekly Brief: Hyundai and Toyota Spar for Self-Driving Street Credibility

Let’s not overdo it on the Hyundai hype.  Last week the carmaker announced that it plans to launch a free robo-taxi service in Irvine, California, starting November 4, 2019....

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


21st October 2019

Hyundai Claims First AI Cruise Control

Hyundai has claimed to have created the world’s first cruise control system that employs machine learning and AI. The automaker’s new adaptive cruise control claims to be able to...