Bultaco’s back with a buzz!


A year after announcing its planned return to manufacture, the Spanish motor cycle maker Bultaco says it is on the cusp of opening a factory producing electric bikes that are fully connected via smartphones to the Cloud.

Its first model since the old company ceased production in 1983, the Brinco Moto-Bike, will soon begin production at it factory close to the Montmeló Circuit, in Barcelona, and near most of the company's collaborators and suppliers.

It will feature Bultaco’s award winning "Adaptcontrol", the unique controller for electrical vehicles that has been recognised as an innovative technological product by the European Union which has financially supported the project through the Horizon 2020 programme.
"Adaptcontrol" makes it possible to integrate, into a single compact controller, functions that currently require five different systems. It claims to handle the most efficient management of the electrical motor, the battery management system (BMS), ultracondensers, the recharging system and the vehicle control unit (VCU). In addition, it is a modular system adaptable to all types of electrical motors, which will allow Bultaco to become an international supplier of smart vehicle control systems.

Connectivity includes wearable technology that allows unlock and start up of the Brinco by placing the start-up bracelet near the control panel.

Via Bluetooth, the owner uses a Bultaco app, available for both iOS and Android, to access all his or her performance data information. Whether stored on his mobile device, or in a file in the Cloud, the Brinco owner can verify battery status and how much time is left before a recharge.

In addition, the same application proposes to include precise geolocation using the optional installation of a SIM card.

With Brinco, Bultaco proposes a new approach combining the motorcycling and bicycling worlds using both electrical propulsion and physical pedalling.

Its chassis and swingarm were developed to meet standards in line with those of an enduro motorcycle, to promise an optimal balance between lightness, sturdiness and durability.

The Bultaco Brinco's frame is made of aluminum, with a swingarm for the rear wheel assembly, the battery mounted underneath the main tube, and the seat resting on a tubular aluminum sub-chassis offering telescopic adjustment. Two discreet reinforced plastic mudguards protect the rider from splash-back, while handles attached directly to the frame aid its transport and parking. Weighing just 39 kilos, including its 8-kilo battery, with 60 Nm of torque and up to 2 kW of power, it can achieve a top speed of 60km/h.

Suspension includes 180 mm inverted front forks with a single 217mm rear shock while four-piston disc brakes front and rear ensure stopping power. Acceleration come via a 2kW electric motor on the back wheel linked to the Brinco's nine gear ratios, which multiply to eighteen thanks to its overdrive technology.

Rider infotainment comes through a central mounted control panel with an LED screen that displays speed, motor temperature, partial and complete distance, and battery charge state. In addition, it is compatible with connectivity systems via Bluetooth, and contains a keyless startup system that functions by placing an activation bracelet near the unit.

The Bultaco Brinco promises a range of at least 100kms and offers three different modes of use:

·         Sport  using full power 2kW;

·         Tour  with 1.5kW;

·         Eco with 0.8kW but still using 60Nm of torque.

The first production models are expected to be delivered this coming autumn priced from £3,428.

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