BOX telematics launches BOX-tracker at Telematics Munich 2008

BOX telematics launches BOX-tracker at Telematics Munich 2008

"The most common reasons for using mobile resource management are productivity, security and customer service, although controlling costs, health & safety and legislative compliance are right up there in importance," said BOX telematics chairman, June Reynolds-Lacey. "In fact managing and controlling fuel costs is now, on it's own, the most compelling reason to buy.

Ms Reynolds-Lacey points out that while tracking solutions help protect and locate assets, they also create awareness of journeys made, how many of them are really necessary, what they achieved, and whether they could they have been avoided. "Acting on that information will more than pay for the implementation of the solution," she said.

The versatile BOX-tracker is a GPS/GPRS device using modem and receiver technology from Telit. BOX-tracker features numerous over-the-air programmable parameters, giving customers control and the ability to configure their devices on-the-fly. The data sent over GPRS is kept as small as possible to keep data costs to a minimum.

Used in conjunction with third party application service providers, BOX-tracker will enable the end customer to manage his fleet and mobile resources via real-time data, including journey details, location, status and event reporting. Customers have two options: plugged, i.e. installed into any type of vehicle, or unplugged, i.e. a battery operated version for any type of tracking. BOX-tracker is also available as a Private Label solution with branding and colour options available.

National Service Hub (NSH), an operating company within the BOX telematics group, manufactures Box-tracker in its facility near Birmingham Airport in the UK.

The BOX brand was born in the stable of The Mobilefone Group, a privately owned organisation established in 1989 by June Reynolds-Lacey as a provider of mobile phone, paging and private mobile radio systems. Since its formation in early-2000, BOX telematics has developed into a successful communications business, providing wireless communications for business and domestic customers around the world.

BOX-tracker will be launched at Telematics Munich 2008, which takes place on November 6th and 7th. Telematics Munich is being positioned as Europe's answer to Telematics Update's flagship event, Telematics Detroit.

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