Bose wants to clear up the cabin

Beyond the radio, sound can be emitted from a variety of sources in modern vehicles, including navigation and advanced-driver-assist safety systems.

It also can come from drivers and passengers using voice assistants or placing calls on their phones.

Recognising that competing sound could become a pain point for vehicle occupants, Bose is pitching its ClearVoice technology to automakers with hopes of getting it in market “sooner than later,” says Heidi AJ Grissom, regional marketing manager for Bose in North America.

Bose wants to “enhance other experiences, other things that you’re interacting with in a vehicle to really enhance the overall in-cabin experience,” she tells WardsAuto at a ClearVoice demonstration at Bose’s Detroit-area headquarters here.

ClearVoice is demonstrated in a listening lounge and in a vehicle, Nissan’s Micra small car from Europe. The vehicle already comes fitted with Bose’s personal system, which features two ultra-nearfield speakers in the driver’s seat head restraint.

Added for demonstration purposes are four microphones mounted in an array above the centre stack on the Micra’s ceiling, plus the ClearVoice technology, whose “special sauce” is an algorithm that removes background noise via signal processing software, says Bruce Sanborn, marketing program manager for Bose in North America.

“We’re able to filter out everything else and just focus on your human voice,” Sanborn says, running through a demo in the vehicle where, via a paired iPhone, he asks Siri to play NPR’s “Car Talk,” then asks Siri to take and send a text message, as well as make a phone call. This article first appeared in WardsAuto.

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