Bosch Unveils EV Charge Point Locator

Bosch Unveils EV Charge Point Locator

Bosch is launching a new service which it claims can help electric vehicle drivers locate their nearest public charging points.

It is collaborating with fuel price comparison website to introduce the Clever Laden (‘clever charging’) feature to the website’s app. The app will now feature EV charging point locations and prices alongside gasoline and diesel prices and fueling locations. Bosch is also purporting to offer “a uniform access and payment system” with the service. Board member Dr Markus Heyn claimed it would give EV “drivers unrestricted access to charge spots”.

The German tech giant is also claiming Clever Laden can provide a solution to the perceived lack of easily available charging infrastructure, a commonly cited deterrent to would-be EV purchasers. Bosch says Clever Laden has knowledge of 85% of Germany’s public charging points, removing drivers’ fear “of getting stranded somewhere because they can’t find a charge spot”. However, it does not say what it would do if the driver is not near any of them.

Bosch claims Clever Laden has data on “which charge spots are unoccupied, what connector a customer has to have, what charge capacity is available, and what the total electricity price will be”, and that charge point operators will benefit from increased uptake resulting from the service’s introduction. CEO claimed it would “boost drivers’ interest in e-mobility”.


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