Bosch to Start Stationary Fuel Cell Production by 2024

Auto supply giant Bosch has pledged to begin commercial scale sales of its stationary fuel cell systems within the next three years.

The promise to produce distributed power stations based on solid oxide fuel-cell technology follows its agreement to intensify its alliance with Ceres Power. The pair have successfully tested a prototype construction phase and now want to press ahead, initially with the pre-commercialization process for stationary fuel cells.

For SOFC systems, Bosch is aiming for an annual production capacity of some 200 megawatts. This is enough to supply around 400,000 people with electricity in their homes. Bosch is planning to produce the stationary fuel-cell systems at its manufacturing sites in Bamberg, Wernau, and Homburg, as well as its development sites in Stuttgart-Feuerbach and Renningen.


Naturally, the roll-out of domestic focused hydrogen power stations will also have an impact on the speed of a similar roll-out of fuel cell technology for the automotive industry. It could also be used to power the expansion of the battery electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Bosch estimates that the market for decentralized power generation will reach a volume of $23.7Bn by 2030. A total of more than 250 Bosch associates are now working in this promising new field – 150 more than a year ago. Dr Christian Fischer, the Bosch board of management member responsible for the energy and building technology business sector, said: “We see the highly efficient solid oxide fuel cell as an essential element of a sustainable energy supply. To bring it about, we are pooling Bosch expertise from across several divisions. With stationary fuel-cell systems, Bosch is establishing a new business field in which development, manufacturing, sales and service come from a single source.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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