BMW, Daimler Developing AV Tech Standards

BMW, Daimler Developing AV Tech Standards

BMW and Daimler are joining forces to develop technological standards for autonomous vehicles.

The automotive giants announced the move at the Geneva Motor Show, Reuters reported. They said the standards would “follow” the Level 3 and Level 4 AV tech they previously said they would co-develop. BMW board member Klaus Froehlich said: “Somebody has to standardize the technology and regulation will follow”.

He said the automakers would also develop standards for Level 2 AVs because they aim “to push technology forward” and “do not want to waste resources”. Froelich added that other automakers would be allowed to join the collaboration at a later stage and BMW wanted to incorporate its existing AV development partnership with Fiat Chrysler into the project.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Mike Manley said his company would be happy to join BMW in its collaboration with Daimler. BMW and Daimler also said joint AV tech development would cut costs and they would form committees to select AV and ADAS tech suppliers over the next four months. The move follows a €1BN investment in the automakers’ mobility service merger.

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