BlackBerry QNX Chosen for Human Horizons’ BEV Flagship

BlackBerry’s QNX digital technology has been chosen by Chinese BEV manufacturer, Human Horizons, for its futuristic second flagship model the HiPhi Z.

The QNX platform will power the car’s autonomous driving controller and intelligent digital cockpit controller using the Neutrino Realtime Operating System (RTOS), QNX OS for Safety and QNX Hypervisor. HiPhi Z boasts a spaceship-like digital cockpit and is equipped with the latest AI voice assistant, the HiPhi Bot, which claims to enhance multiple aspects of the driving and passenger experience.

For example, by listening to the driver’s voice and identifying their position in the vehicle, the HiPhi Bot claims to be able to turn the central control screen to present the most ergonomic angle and to nod and greet the driver. It can also make refined movements in time with the beat of the in-car music for drivers who want to show off their car’s gimmickry.

BlackBerry’s QNX Hypervisor claims to allow for multiple systems with mixed criticality and different operating system environments to be consolidated onto a single hardware platform, reducing both the initial development time and long-term costs of ownership while ensuring industry-leading safety and security. Mark Stanton, CTO of Human Horizons, said: “Human Horizons is focused on bringing futuristic cars to life with connected, intelligent, safe and advanced technology. BlackBerry is a trusted partner and collaborating with them allows us to achieve our ‘3-Smart’ strategic blueprint, supporting the development of smart cars, smart transportation, and smart cities. Together we are helping to underpin a smarter and more technologically sophisticated future, without sacrificing safety, security or reliability.”

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