AT&T, IoT Specialist Launching CV Platform

AT&T, IoT Specialist Launching CV Platform

AT&T and an IoT device maker are jointly launching a platform they claim can bring connectivity to most vehicles manufactured from 1996 onward.

AT&T and HARMAN are claiming that the HARMAN Spark can convert “just about any car” into one with LTE connectivity without requiring its owner to upgrade to a newer vehicle. HARMAN collaborated with automotive software maker Tantalum on development of the platform.

The companies say the system’s features include emergency crash and roadside assistance, diagnostics, location-based services, a 4G LTE wi-fi connection, a “virtual mechanic” that tells the driver if the car’s in need of a tune-up, WatchIt, which notifies the driver of incidences of vandalism when the vehicle’s parked, and driving scoring and advice software that provides novice drivers with suggestions and feedback on their performance.

HARMAN chief technology officer Sanjay Dhawan claims Spark will enable drivers “to easily and affordably transform older vehicles into smart cars of the future with connected applications”. The platform will be commercially available from September 28th.




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