Asia News: Mazda to participate in ITS trials in Japan

Asia News:  Mazda to participate in ITS trials in Japan

Mazda Motor Corp plans to take part in public road trials in the Hiroshima area to help validate a new Intelligent Transport System.

The trials are due to begin in the fall of 2007.

The aim of this new traffic system is to work toward solutions to transport problems such as road accidents, congestion and damage to the environment.

Mazda’s role in these validation trials will be to develop an in-car navigation system that supports the ITS. Mazda will also supply several test vehicles from which data will be collected and analysed.

Mazda is developing a safe driving support system – an arrangement of cameras and sensors placed along roads that will transmit information to drivers – to be compatible with the ITS infrastructure.

Mazda will participate in the public road tests as part of a consortium of local government, academia and industry in the Hiroshima area.

The equipment to be tested includes a system to identify the extent of road congestion, a warning system to prevent speeding, a system to prevent rear-end collisions at traffic signals, a head-on collision prevention support system, a right-turn collision prevention support system, and an in-transit information system.

The safe driving support system technology collates information from the ITS infrastructure and vehicles to monitor local traffic flows and individual driver responses. It then uses this information to identify potentially dangerous situations and judge whether a warning or an alarm should be triggered. This marks a large step forward in terms of functionality compared to previous ITS systems that merely provided information to drivers.

Mazda aims to use the trials to establish usable ITS technologies that can be introduced in the near future.

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