Asia News: China-made sat nav system monitors hazmat transport

Asia News:  China-made sat nav system monitors hazmat transport

China has begun using a locally-developed monitoring system, based on the country's Beidou satellite, to monitor dangerous chemicals in transit.

The system transmits data to the Beidou navigation satellite, which in turn gives sends the corresponding operational signals to the land control centre.

Sensors on the vehicles collect data and information from the vehicle as well as the road conditions.

According to statistics, there are more than 110,000 vehicles transporting dangerous chemicals in China.

Should the vehicle be involved in a traffic accident, the system alerts the land control centre within 0.01 seconds. The land control centre can then alert the authorities.

Sensors installed in the driving cab can also detect alcohol levels, and if the system detects the level is beyond the limit, the control centre can cut off the fuel-supply to the vehicle.

According to Xinhua, China is establishing the Compass Navigation Satellite System on the basis of the Beidou system. The compass system will meet the demand for satellite navigation in China and neighbouring regions.

[Source: Xinhua]

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