As Bosch unveils its vision for autonomous cars, Telematics Update Envisages the Future of Mobility

As Bosch unveils its vision for autonomous cars, Telematics Update Envisages the Future of Mobility


Vehicles that drive themselves may still feel like the stuff of fanciful Hollywood flicks, but Bosch came out this week and took the automotive community one step closer to making them a reality. Bosch is collaborating with the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab’s Autonomous Driving Team. The YouTube video doesn’t state a timeline for when Bosch sees autonomous vehicles entering the mainstream, but it suggests that street-ready, self-driving cars are rapidly approaching, and that ADAS features that provide additional driver support will continue to accelerate into the market. The Bosch video has been posted on the Telematics Update website.

“This is really like science fiction, it’s the future we’re working on,” says a Bosch engineer in the video. Coupled with the fact that just down the road at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, the Googlers are hard at work on their own autonomous vehicles, automakers cannot postpone their own plans in this now conceivable market.

Precksha Saksena-Sood, Managing Director, Telematics Update, comments on what the autonomous vehicle landscape looks like right now: “Although the autonomous vehicle may still seem too much like the work of science fiction to roll out en masse, and there’s a lot of work still to be done. The auto community is able to take a step in this direction via developments in vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communication technology, in order to improve mobility and safety on a global scale.”

To shed some light on this impending market, Telematics Update has released a series of complimentary business intelligence articles on their website that analyze the vehicle-vehicle/ infrastructure and autonomous vehicle space, with a focus its deployment and commercialization. News updates can be received every week via their complimentary newsletter. Subscription to the weekly newsletter is free via the website:

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