America News: White House prioritises real-time traffic info technology

America News: White House prioritises real-time traffic info technology

The Vehicle Traffic Information Coalition (VTIC) applauds the announcement that government has identified “faster deployment of real-time traffic information” as a priority in the fight to reduce traffic congestion.

The Administration has announced a new Highway Congestion Initiative in the supporting materials to the State of the Union Address. This Initiative funds state and local innovations in curbing congestion and specifically identifies speeding the creation of real-time traffic information as a needed solution.

In 2003, drivers in America's 85 most congested urban areas experienced 3.7 billion hours of travel delay and wasted 2.3 billion gallons of fuel, costing a total of $63 billion.

The President's plan calls for the US Dept of Transportation (DOT) to work with states and cities to explore ways to reduce traffic congestion, help save fuel and reduce commute times.

The President's budget redirects DOT funds to a new $175 million highway congestion initiative for state and local governments to demonstrate innovative ideas for curbing congestion.

These ideas include congestion pricing, commuter transit services, commitments from employers to expand work schedule flexibility, and faster deployment of real-time traffic information.

“We applaud the Administration’s recognition of the growing energy, productivity and environmental costs of traffic congestion,” said Rob Schill of the VTIC, a coalition of leading auto, mapping, navigation, technology and transportation entities.

“Real-time traffic data is at the heart of better traffic management,” said Rob Schill of the VTIC, adding that new in-vehicle navigation technologies that help drivers to avoid wasting time and fuel in traffic jams are major elements of the near-term solution.

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