America News: Vericom Technologies acquires Portable Internet

America News:  Vericom Technologies acquires Portable Internet

Vericom Technologies® has acquired substantially all the assets of Portable Internet, a GPS mobile workforce management and field service automation.

The acquisition signifies a key milestone in realising Vericom’s strategy to deliver and deploy a comprehensive, integrated platform representing the next generation of MRM 2.0 solutions to a rapidly expanding market.

These solutions enable SMEs to optimise and automate an range of paper-based, error-prone business processes, ranging from in-vehicle location based tracking to customised fleet management applications. Vericom’s solution leverages a wide variety of handheld devices and operates across all GPRS, CDMA and iDEN wireless networks.

Thousands of Portable Internet subscribers conduct time/labour management, regulatory compliance and work order management/dispatching on GPS-enabled handheld devices.

According to Vericom’s chairman, Steven Horwitz, the delivery of a flexible, cost effective mobile applications within a Software as a Service (SaaS) framework is one of Vericom’s top priorities, and the acquisition of a proven technology platform backed by a strong team of professionals will accelerate the adoption of the MRM 2.0 strategy.

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