America News: Mercedes switches telematics service providers

America News:  Mercedes switches telematics service providers

Just two days after ATX announced that it had been ditched as Mercedes-Benz USA’s telematics hardware and services provider, Hughes Telematics – a relatively new entrant in the telematics field – has announced that it has been selected as the exclusive provider of these for all new Merc passenger cars and SUV’s in the US from November 2009.

Furthermore, existing Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid customers will be given the option of switching over to the HUGHES Telematics platform, starting in November 2009.

Mercedes-Benz, a pioneer in vehicle telematics, has offered its customers the many safety and security benefits of onboard telematics since 1998.

According to Hughes Telematics president Erik Goldman, Mercedes-Benz USA is poised to augment its safety, security and infotainment offerings with an integrated architecture of hardware and software that will deliver the next-generation of in-vehicle telematics services to its customers.

Hughes Telematics' technology, resources and services portfolio create an ideal and highly customisable OEM partnership opportunity and the possibility of a vehicle gateway for offering a host of remotely upgradeable services and applications, many of them never before practical.

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