America News: KORE Telematics introduces m2mSecureLink

America News:  KORE Telematics introduces m2mSecureLink

KORE Telematics has introduced m2mSecureLink™, designed to meet the needs of current and emerging customers who demand reliable, future-proofed, digital GSM services for ultra-low use M2M and telemetry applications.

KORE Telematics’ customer M2M applications range from real-time vehicle location to utility metering, payment processing, landfill monitoring, asset management, personnel tracking and more.

According to company president & chief operating officer Alex Brisbourne, after many months in development, m2mSecureLink can now meet the needs of many users shortly to be left high and dry under the impending analogue Sunset Clause.

Typically, analogue low-use applications have demanded only low levels of data capacity – often as little as a simple communication each week or month. These applications have been able to operate on low capacity, often analogue, network services, which are scheduled to be decommissioned starting in February 2008 according to the FCC mandate. However, wherever the wireless telecommunications industry requires this spectrum, those networks will be decommissioned immediately.

“More than one million M2M users are facing the reality of obsolescence over the next months and years, as control channel, paging networks and Mobitex services disappear,” said Brisbourne, adding that KORE can get new customers on network within days.

Available in North America, m2mSecureLink can support both SMS and GPRS data bearer services.

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