America News: Is today’s technology creating tomorrow’s cyber-parents?

America News:  Is today’s technology creating tomorrow’s cyber-parents?

Whilst one appreciates any developments to help keep children safe in this increasingly hostile world of ours, one could also wonder if some parents are relying on technology to do their parenting for them. is committed to helping parents keep their children safe. Which is admirable indeed. But are we so over-computerised that we’re ready to substitute good old-fashioned parental guidance with technology-enabled spying?

We’ve moved beyond basic intercom-type baby monitors. Now we need full-on RF-based tracking, with a child wearing a water-resistant tamper-proof bracelet and the parents keeping an eye on him via a base unit.

For older children, RemoteSpy lets parents monitor their kids’ computer activities – not just which websites they visit, but also what they say in which chat rooms.

Then there’s the home drug & alcohol test kit. According to TechSavvyParents, the knowledge that they could be tested at any time will help deter kids from puffing, sniffing, swallowing, injecting or otherwise inserting illegal substances into themselves.

There are GPS-enabled shoes so parents can track their children anytime, anywhere, and kids can hit a panic button if they find themselves in an unsafe situation.

And for those kids who’ve upgraded from feet to wheels, parents can pinpoint their teen drivers’ location, see how fast they drove there, and set geographical boundaries beyond which they may not drive.

Created by Visions Enterprises, reckons this will be the standard of parenting in generations to come.

Has this type of cyber-childcare become necessary because of escalating crimes against youngsters? Or are today’s hi-tech parents simply too busy over-achieving to instil a basic sense of decency, conscience and moral values into their offspring?

If such a service proves to be popular with consumers, it will be a sad reflection on society as a whole.

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