America News: Iridium expands in Brazil

America News:  Iridium expands in Brazil

Iridium® Satellite has entered into a strategic partnership with Tesacom do Brasil.

Iridium operates the largest commercial – and the only global – satellite constellation in the world.

Tesacom provides integrated communication solutions to the Brazilian and other South American markets, including satellite voice and data transmission, text messaging, localisation and monitoring, e-mail and file transfer, network integration, software services, professional, consulting and field support services, as well as 24/7 customer and network support in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Year-over-year, Iridium voice and circuit switched data traffic originating in Brazil has grown by 62%. In the last three months alone, traffic in Brazil has increased by more than 73% over the same period last year.

In addition to many customers switching to Iridium satellite phones, Iridium is seeing its partners, such as Tesacom, launching new and innovative data applications to exploit the power and global reach of the Iridium network.

"This new relationship represents a strong growth opportunity for Tesacom in the Brazilian market," said Jose Sanchez Elia, CEO of Tesacom.

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