America News: IBM ready to buy Wind River?

America News:  IBM ready to buy Wind River?

A recent report in the Silicon Valley Watcher is fuelling industry speculation that Wind River is up for grabs, and IBM is ready to snap it up.

Johan Wall, president & CEO of Wind River's principal competitor, Enea, commented on the implications for the industry of such a transaction:

“The deal makes sense. The device software market has become an attractive strategic focus for many enterprise players. Wind River adds new dimension and growth opportunities to IBM's enterprise focus. Along with complementary technology, IBM brings its substantial consultative capability to bear in the device market. Their joint experience in the embedded Linux market is complementary and together extensible.”

He said that Wind River has been challenged by the commoditisation of embedded OS and its inability to transition up the value chain and into high growth markets like middleware.

He added that, as the industry increases its deployments of high-quality third screen multimedia services like VoIP, IPTV, broadband Internet access, gaming, and streaming video, availability software mustbe able to manage all the heterogeneous resources involved in delivering these services.

“As the main rival to Wind River, Enea has taken a different path by investing in new products and services beyond its industry-leading operating systems,” said Wall. “With forty years of history, Enea is the number two player in the evolving device software industry, and continues to drive the whole market toward the adoption of commercial solutions versus continuing the cost- and time-intensive tradition of internal software development.”

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