America News: Dash launches nationwide road-test program

America News:  Dash launches nationwide road-test program

Dash Navigation™ plans to recruit 2,000 drivers to road-test Dash Express™, the first Internet-connected automotive GPS.

After successfully completing a six-month field trial in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dash is now looking to recruit at least two thousand consumers throughout the country to test-drive Dash Express, as the company prepares for a national commercial launch this fall.

In particular, Dash is looking for heavy commuters and mobile gadget enthusiasts.

According to Dash CEO Paul Lego, the only way to deliver a great consumer experience is to reach out to the community for real-world input and feedback. “This program also allows us to begin building our national Dash Driver Network immediately,” said Lego.

“We don’t believe that navigation is a one-size-fits-all experience,” said Robert Acker, Dash senior vice president of marketing. “A driver in Los Angeles has very different needs to a driver in Atlanta. This national road test will enable us to really understand how people use and value our product in different regions across the country.”

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