Altek launches world’s first integrated GPS sat nav camera


The camera's built-in GPS automatically record the co-ordinate data on to the image files. By using Google Earth, Google Map and Flickr, for example, users are able to integrate the images into the world map to obtain full geographical information of any or all of their images.

Apart from establishing exactly where each photograph was taken, users can also determine the route they travelled based on the time stamps and co-ordinates recorded on every image.

And if a user wants to retrace his steps, he can select the relevant images and obtain immediate directions – "navigation through photographs".

The slim and compact camera has a crisp and bright 3" touch screen LCD, a bilingual handwriting recognition system (English and Chinese), a high-sensitivity GPS chip along with an 8.0 mega pixel high-resolution CCD.

Altek believes that this product has opened the door to new territory for the digital camera sector.

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