Alibaba Getting Serious with AV and Connect Car

Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba has announced two new automotive initiatives bringing AV and extra connectivity to its home consumers

It is working with German electronics company Bosch on a fully driverless valet parking system to suit the smart city of the future. The system with use Bosch developed automated valet parking (AVP) infrastructure technology and will be powered by software in the cloud devised by Alibaba. Both companies intend to build showcase sites around the country to demonstrate the technology.

Meanwhile, as part of the strategic cooperation agreed December 2017 between Alibaba and Ford, the carmaker has confirmed that Ford Kuga SUV customers in China will be able to order the car which has a 10.4-inch center screen and software powered by AliOS later this year. The internet giant claims China has seen a rapid growth in the connected car with more than 500,000 AliOS equipped Internet vehicles on the road today.

The company is also upgrading its car-to-home AI powered voice-activated Tmall Genie Auto smart assistant platform for Volvo cars allowing an enhanced control of the driver’s home environment, such as heating, air-con and humidity, while on the move. Alibaba had signed a deal with Daimler, Audi and Volvo to operate the onboard system last June.

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