Airbiquity Joins JASPAR in Bid to Improve Japanese Position

Airbiquity Joins JASPAR in Bid to Improve Japanese Position

In a move that sees it seeking to boost its presence within the Japanese automotive industry, Airbiquity has announced that it has joined Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (JASPAR).

JASPAR is a Japanese organization that was established in 2014 with the aim of increasing the efficiency and standardization of electronic control software packages and intra-vehicle networks.

Commenting on the move, Airbiquity vice-president of engineering John Tuttle claimed that as a JASPAR member, his company would be able to assist the organization “in its mission to create automotive standards that power the future of connected vehicles”. He went on to say that the company viewed JASPAR’s work as “important”, and possibly with an eye to future business growth in the country.

He added that Airbiquity’s engineers acknowledged the Japanese automotive industry’s “distinct importance and technical competencies”. Whether this new affiliation will result in greater profitability for Airbiquity’s Japanese operations remains to be seen.

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