AgeroView Weekly Brief—12.17.2012

AgeroView Weekly Brief—12.17.2012

In this week’s Brief: Agero, Google, Apple, TomTom, Sprint, WirelessCar, Mobile Devices, Texas Instruments, Audi, Tweddle Group, Toyota, MyCityWay and BMW

Given the disparity between product life cycles in the consumer electronics and automotive industries, auto OEMs are often reluctant to saddle new cars to electronics trends that may be outdated before those cars hit the market. In response, Agero announced this week a more customizable way to keep infotainment systems in sync with changing driver, brand and manufacturer needs. “AgeroView” is a cloud-delivered infotainment display system that allows automakers to update apps, push content, and deliver data and services on demand over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Through AgeroView, dealer service support can be delivered instantly, content and service updates downloaded invisibly, and functions like location-based advertising and user profile management integrated seamlessly with the driving and passenger experience. Owners can customize the user experience with the touch of a button or a voice command.

“If an Internet service falls in popularity or a new one emerges during the vehicle’s lifetime, AgeroView allows automakers to adapt to these trends and deliver updates in all of their vehicles in the market, not just new models,” says Frank Hirschenberger, Agero Connected Services senior director of product innovation.

Google launched a mapping application for iOS 6. The free map app comes in the wake of numerous complaints about the unreliability of Apple’s new Apple Map Apps solution.

Google’s mapping app includes turn-by-turn directions, spoken instructions, and saved favorite locations. The app has already claimed the top spot for free apps on iTunes.

Rumors circulated that Apple, in response to its maps failings and Google’s quick start on iOS6, is contemplating a buy-out of TomTom.

TomTom currently provides the data for Apple’s Map App, but taking over all of TomTom’s robust data and navigation expertise would likely improve a struggling app solution. TomTom shares climbed 30 percent in anticipation of the move, though neither TomTom nor Apple have commented on the potential acquisition.

Sprint selected WirelessCar to act as a key technology provider in the launch of the Sprint Velocity Program, which helps automakers develop, integrate and market in-vehicle communications systems.

As a technology provider, WirelessCar will deliver the backend telematics components that integrate and aggregate content, services and applications with a focus on embedded vehicle-related features, including diagnostics and remote services.

Sprint used WirelessCar’s Next Generation Telematics Pattern during design of the Sprint Velocity Program.

Mobile Devices, the navigation solution provider known for Morpheus3, launched “Munic,” its latest connected driver assistant. The solution includes hybrid navigation with live traffic updates and combines GPS navigation, Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit, and a danger zones alert service with an open platform supporting a marketplace of third party connected driver services.

The device is now available for the French market for €249 with three months free subscription.

Texas Instruments supplied its “Jacinto 5” automotive infotainment processor for the design of Audi’s next-gen infotainment platform, dubbed “the MIB High system.” Among other features, the Jacinto 5 processor enables feature-rich vehicle interfaces and vivid digital radio and audio within the RCC unit.

Jacinto 5 is a heterogeneous multicore processor with real-time signal processing. Audi is the first automotive system to incorporate the chip.

Tweddle Group and Toyota developed a series of mobile apps for the new Toyota RAV4 EV, including apps that locate charging stations, control in-car climate from a smartphone, and help find the vehicle in crowded parking lots.

The new EV apps offer a more connected experience than previously available on the Toyota Entune infotainment system. EV-specific apps include Charge Management, Plug-in Reminder, Charging Station Map, and ECO Dashboard, which delivers real-time assessment of the driver’s vehicle oepration including ECO driving score, fuel economy and efficiency.

Finally, MyCityWay announced a partnership with BMW’s DriveNow car sharing program that will integrate the company’s location-based, situationally-aware mobile platform into the automaker’s fleet of vehicles in San Francisco.

Designed to help users explore, enjoy and navigate major cities, MyCityWay will be installed in each of the 70 DriveNow BMW ActiveE electric vehicles. The MyCityWay integration will focus on providing situationally-aware local discovery and relevant information based on location, needs and other real-time factors.

“The telematics industry is moving from a car-centric model to a user-centric model,” said MyCityWay’s CEO Puneet Mehta at the Content and Apps for Automotive USA 2012 conference hosted by Telematics Update.

“What MyCityWay provides through DriveNow is the ability to connect the dots on their daily needs across various verticals, access to real-time information and a personalized view of a driver’s surroundings – all of which are key to the consumer experience.”

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