Abalta develops breakthrough GPS system testing technology

Abalta develops breakthrough GPS system testing technology

LighthouseTM provides a quantum leap in test optimisation, enabling increased geographical coverage of functional testing for critical test cases.

The result is rigorously tested navigation products coming to market without larger investments in testing efforts.

LighthouseTM enables, for the first time, substantial laboratory testing of the most complex, demanding, and resource-intensive testing tasks faced by makers of navigation systems – vehicle positioning, guidance and the usage of real-time traffic information.

It also facilitates laboratory testing of other functions such as map display and route calculation.

LighthouseTM makes it possible to conduct extensive real-world testing of navigation systems, with greater breadth and depth of conditions and locations, in the test laboratory environment rather than on the road. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of initial testing, and enables a rapid retest capability when a problem has been found and fixed. For instance, testers can check the revised handling of the Arc de Triomphe roundabout without having to actually go to Paris.

Michael O'Shea, CEO & founder of Abalta Technologies, points out that manufacturers of embedded, mobile and wireless handset navigation devices face ever-increasing demands to add features and improve performance, but at the same time they continue to experience relentless price pressure.

The LighthouseTM testing service enables organisations to cost effectively improve product quality and bring products to market faster with increased return on investment.

Abalta Technologies will be at the Telematics Detroit event in Novi, Michigan this week, demonstrating the LighthouseTM technology in Booth No. 14.

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