5G Ready For Global Auto Roll-out, Claims Lobby Group

5G Ready For Global Auto Roll-out, Claims Lobby Group

A telecoms lobby group used the Mobile World Congress to claim 5G technology is ready to roll-out globally to power automotive mobility.

The claim made by the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) flies in the face of regulators in both the European Union and the US both of whom are leaning towards the more robust dedicated short range communications (DSRC) solution.

During keynote presentation, Connecting the Mobility World with 5G, the association said its members’ C-V2X technology is on the path to shaping the mobility of the future. The cellular technology is in mid battle with DSRC solutions in allowing vehicles to communicate with each other and their surroundings to improve road safety and reduce urban congestion. Many see V2X technology as essential in the drive towards mass autonomous vehicle adoption.

The association said that while C-V2X network-based solutions are already widely deployed, direct communication solutions will be commercially available as of this year. Its members Telefónica, Ericsson, Ficosa and Seat have conducted 5G powered C-V2X pilots in city environment to help detection of cyclists when turning right or of a pedestrian at a zebra crossing.

It added that the first mass-deployment in vehicles on the roads is anticipated to start in China in 2020, to be followed in other regions when local regulations have been agreed. Don Butler, executive director of connected vehicle and services at Ford, concluded: “C-V2X is now ready to roll. At Ford, we will begin to deploy this technology in all new models launching in the US starting in 2022.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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