4D Radar Launch Claims L4 Autonomy

4D Radar Launch Claims L4 Autonomy

An Israeli robotics specialist is claiming a break-through advance towards driverless vehicles with its new radar suite to be demonstrated at the CES 2019.

Arbe Robotics will present its ‘4D’ imaging radar beta product dubbed “Front End of Phoenix,” which is claims is the world’s first radar to classify objects in elevation and azimuth in high resolution. The technology is hoped to “transform the role of automotive radar from a supportive sensor to the backbone of the driver assistance and autonomous driving sensor suite”, Arbe said in a statement.

Based on patented hardware, signal processing and what the company calls a 4D modeling algorithm, the technology claims greatly improved safety potential. The system uses full adaptive cruise control, emergency break and real-time blind spot monitoring and claims the potential to provide Level 4 autonomous driving. The radar also claims to produce an image of the environment in a point-cloud format at up to 50 times per second and builds a 3D shape of objects, which it then tracks, localizes the car and classifies objects on a map at 25 times per second.

Its radar technology claims an extra wide field of vision with 100-degrees azimuth and 30-degrees elevation, ultra-high definition resolution, obstacle detection up to 300-meters, range accuracy of between 10cm-30cm, accurate in day, night and adverse weather and 4D real-time pictures.

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