3GSM News: m-spatial launches Converged Local Search

3GSM News:  m-spatial launches Converged Local Search

m-spatial has launched its solution for Converged Local Search – a new initiative designed to stimulate mass market consumer adoption of local search on mobile devices.

Delivered via m-spatial’s Local Search & Discovery Engine (LSDE) product, Converged Local Search enables mobile network operators, directory providers and personal navigation providers to seamlessly link access to local information across websites, 118/411 directory services, mobile data services and PNDs.

“All major mobile studies highlight consumer interest in access to locally relevant content and services, but the industry has historically been poor at translating this demand into real usage and revenues,” said Andy Walker, CEO of m-spatial.

Walker believes that seamlessly linking access to local information via websites and 118/411 services with ‘on the move’ access via mobile phones and PNDs is a significant step towards achieving mass market adoption of Converged Local Search.

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