2009 is the year of the mobile, says VeriSign

2009 is the year of the mobile, says VeriSign

According to VeriSign's market predictions, mobile social networking presents growth opportunities for carriers and social networking destinations, and mobile LBS will grow to 20% adoption in 2011.

2009 will be a breakout year for carriers and social networking destinations to finally work together to meet user needs, whilst addressing the issues and concerns that have held back the growth of mobile social networking to this point.

With the integration of user-friendly interfaces into smartphones and a focus on breaking down the siloed environment between social networking sites, users will finally have opportunities for ubiquitous interaction with all of their favourite social networking destinations.

In addition, social networking will utilise the unique nature of the mobile environment to provide real-time relevance to the messages shared between the user and their social network.

LBS adoption currently stands at 7%. In the past twelve months, all major US carriers launched on-deck, user initiated ‘pull' LBS services, such as navigation or search.

During the next 12-24 months, as the parties involved in this ecosystem work together to resolve issues such as consumer privacy, spam protection and service monetisation, there will be an increase in both innovative new applications and consumer adoption.

Carriers will launch new on- and off-deck LBS services that ‘push' relevant information to end-users based on their location and preferences. These services will spur new messaging opportunities in a client-less environment (WAP, SMS and MMS) for push-based applications, such as mobile advertisement / coupon / promotion services, which are better targeted based on a consumer's location and his inclination to purchase at that moment.

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