UK Study Shows True Scale of EV Infrastructure Challenge

A study of the UK’s on-street EV charger network has revealed that in some areas nearly 1,500 car owners have to vie for a single charger.

The study by home charge point manufacturer Andersen reveals the true scale of the problem facing potential BEV owners should there be a sudden up-tick in demand for the technology. Analysis of Zap-Map data undertaken has ranked the best and worst areas in the UK for access to on-street chargers with a national average of each of the existing 4,453 on-street charging points having to serve 55 cars.

While, unsurprisingly, densely populated cities, such as London, fare better than rural areas, even the nation’s capital can only boast one charger to serve 10 vehicles. Here the issue is a real challenge in making electrified powertrains attractive to urban dwellers who invariably do not have access to home charging. Indeed, the study found that 60% of urbanites do not have access to off-street parking and the bulk of those who do will not have the potential for charging points, such as those living in tower blocks with shared basement parking.

Owners of electrified vehicles in the South West of the country that do not have off-street parking face the greatest potential concern with 1,448 plug-in cars per on-street charger in the region. Comparatively, the best region outside London for on-street demand is the North West with 70 vehicles per charger.

Jerome Faissat, commercial director of Andersen, said: “Even with the pledged government funding, there is still a huge shortfall in the infrastructure required to serve those who have made the switch so far and is holding others back from making the change.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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