Zoombak launches vehicle speed & direction tracking for parents


According to Zoombak CEO Simon Buckingham, statistics on teen driving accidents are staggering, and studies have shown that teens' driving habits improve when they're being monitored by a parent.

"Since we launched Zoombak over a year ago, speed monitoring and alerting has been the most requested new feature from both parents and business users," said Buckingham.

How Zoombak speed tracking works:

  • Following a quick over-the-air software update, Zoombak customers will be able to set up a speed thresholdand receive alerts if that threshold is exceeded.
  • Users can choose to receive alerts by SMS text to their mobile device, or by email.
  • Users can set the speed alert to be always on, or set on/off schedules around certain times of day.
  • Zoombak determines the speed and direction (north, south, east, west) of the driver based on his location signal every five to fifteen seconds.
  • When conducting Find-Now searches at Zoombak.com, in addition to the regular current location information, the email or text message will now also automatically display both the driver's speed andthe direction in which he was heading. So even if automatic alerts are not set up, parents can still see on-demand how fast and in which direction their teen was driving.

Speed tracking comes at no additional cost from Zoombak.

The only issue is that speed and direction monitoring requires additional battery power, therefore Zoombak recommends that users hard wire the device to the vehicle or use the car charger.

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