ZF Develops PHEV with 62 Miles of Range

PHEVs are once again showing why they’re the best electric vehicle for the majority, as ZF announces it has developed a plug-in hybrid with 62 miles of electric range.

The car uses a 35kWh battery, larger than in many PHEVs, to power an electric motor generating 65kW continuously and up to 95kW peak output. The German automotive parts manufacturer has not said if the car has a gas or diesel engine, nor has it noted the engine’s size and capacity.

Many car journeys are in the 0-50 mile range, meaning drivers would be able to cover many journeys solely on electric power. For longer trips, the car’s internal combustion engine can take over. While these shorter journeys could be done in a full electric vehicle, longer journeys would need the car recharged, with EV range at around 370 miles maximum currently.

The car used in the concept is an unnamed BMW sedan. ZF has not detailed when this battery and motor technology may hit the market or if the company has any interested OEMs on its books.

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