Zeekr Pitches for first Level 4 Commercial AV

Zeekr’s latest collaboration with Intel’s Mobileye sees it target becoming the first BEV maker to market a Level 4 autonomous vehicle.

The sub-brand of China giant Geely with design and engineering capabilities based in Sweden is trying to extend its global reach and this latest move follows on from its collaboration with US robo-taxi company Waymo. Now it wants to what its describes as the world’s first consumer autonomous vehicles with Level 4 capabilities by 2024, albeit it may have a race on its hands with the imminent approval of Level 4 legislation in Japan opening the market to its domestic automakers.

Zeekr’s self-driving vehicle will use Geely SEA architecture claiming true redundant braking, steering and power. Under an Open EyeQ concept, 6xEyeQ5 system-on-chips (SoCs) will power an integration of Zeekr’s proprietary software technologies together with Mobileye True Redundancy sensing, Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS)-based driving policy and a new open collaboration model on REM mapping technology.

Andy An, CEO Zeekr Intelligent Technology, said: “Mobileye has been a strategic partner to our mission of delivering lifestyle vehicles fit for a more sustainable and autonomous future of transportation. Our partnership supports Zeekr and Mobileye’s shared ambitions for leading the global ADAS and AV industry.”  Prof Ammon Shashua, president and CEO at Mobileye, added: “The broadening scope of our partnership reflects just how closely Mobileye and Zeekr are aligned on the vision for future mobility.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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