Zatix: “The biggest impact is the online vehicle”

Zatix: “The biggest impact is the online vehicle”

What does your company do?
Zatix is one of the largest vehicle tracking companies in Brazil. We provide fleet management services (brand Omnilink) and stolen vehicle recovery services (brand Graber). Graber and Omnilink operate as independent business units.

How do you differentiate your offerings from your competitors?
Omnilink’s differentiation is based on technology and functionality, on software that provides unique features and value-added services. Graber’s differentiation is recovery rate and its countrywide servicing network.

What partnerships are you currently forging?
I guess we hold the M&A world record in the tracking sector: Zatix is the joint result of eight different companies. And we are looking for more M&As, either in Brazil or overseas.

Which trends will impact the industry the most in the coming years and why?
The biggest impact is the increasing presence of vehicle manufacturers in the MRM business, the online vehicle. In Brazil, the largest impact is the Simrav 245, the regulation that mandates the availability of a tracking unit in all the new vehicles to be sold in Brazil. (For more on the Brazilian telematics market, see ‘Emerging telematics opportunities in Brazil’.)

You are an integral part of at Fleet and Asset Management Europe 2011. What key issues will you be discussing with the industry at the show?
The key issues are future trends and prospective mergers and acquisitions.

Which gadgets, gizmos, or cars are on your 2011 wish list?
An iPhone 4, a Nikon D90, and a new SUV.

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