Yahoo!’s on a roll …

Yahoo!’s on a roll …

Leaving Microsoft standing there with cash in its hand and nothing to spend it on, Yahoo! has added insult to injury by announcing the start of a two-week trial of ad space sharing with Google.

But wait, folks, that's not all.

Yahoo! has also agreed to acquire IndexTools' analytics business, and has entered into a three-year partnership with MLB Advanced Media that includes access to out-of-market MLB games on Yahoo! Sports.

And there's more.

According to industry sources, Yahoo! is in talks to acquire AOL from Time Warner in exchange for a 20% stake in the combined company.

Microsoft's response to the Yahoo!-Google ad space announcement was to play the monopoly card … complaining that any such deal would put 90% of the search advertising market in Google's hands.

I almost feel sorry for Microsoft.



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