World’s first panoramic 60 megapixel street-level imaging vehicle


The hi-tech vehicle is equipped with a 60 megapixel panoramic camera developed by Yotta, and uses Applanix satellite positioning technology to log the exact location of each image.

The vehicle will be used to enhance street-level mapping with accurate 3D images of buildings and other highway features, such as signs, trees, barriers and fences.

Called Y360, the vehicle's hi-res digital camera captures images every two metres, with the precise position (to less than 1 metre) of each image calculated by combining GPS, Inertial and Optical tracking systems with advanced algorithms. These images are processed by Yotta's proprietary software that analyses them pixel-by-pixel to give the precise position and detailed information for each feature captured by the camera during the journey.

Y360 represents the next generation in surveying and mapping and is a huge step forward with technology developed in the UK. The accuracy and detail of the street-level images together with the location information collected can be matched with aerial photographs and maps. Combining all of this data can be used to provide an accurate view of a building, its boundaries, its precise location and verified address.

The vehicle will be used for a wide range of applications, including highway asset collection for local authorities, highways agencies and their contractors, property surveys for council tax valuations, and 3D mapping in general for organisations like utility companies and mobile phone network providers.

"This new addition to our specialist survey vehicle fleet provides a major advancement in street-level mapping," says Yotta CEO David Lowe, adding that the new technology opens up a whole new area of applications and opportunities.

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