World News: WirelessCar incorporated into Volvo IT

World News:  WirelessCar incorporated into Volvo IT

The Volvo Group has expanded its investment within the telematics-enabled services area by incorporating WirelessCar into its global IT organisation, Volvo IT.

The Volvo Group identified telematics-enabled services as a strategic growth area ever since it first invested in WirelessCar in 1999. The Group plans to complement its product-centric operations with the development of services and solutions.

WirelessCar will continue to expand its business under its own brand name, developing key geographic markets. WirelessCar will also prioritise the development of new and innovative telematics-enabled services.

“The market for telematics-enabled services is growing very rapidly. WirelessCar will be able to address new business by utilising the extended resources, skills, network and geographical coverage provided by Volvo IT,” says Peter Berggren, general manager of strategy at Volvo IT.

For the telematics industry, the benefits are two-fold: an industry giant that is committed to investing in the development of telematics technology, and OEM customers will be able to select a TSP that has a proven, global reach.

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