World News: Wibree forum merges with Bluetooth SIG

World News:  Wibree forum merges with Bluetooth SIG

The Wibree forum, the group specifying the Nokia-developed ultra low power wireless technology, will be merged with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

Thus the Wibree specification will become part of the Bluetooth specification as an ultra low power Bluetooth technology.

Because Wibree addresses devices with very low battery capacity and can be easily integrated with Bluetooth technology, it will round out Bluetooth technology's wireless Personal Area Networking (PAN) offering and strengthen the technology's ability to provide wireless connectivity for smaller devices.

Wibree's development started at the Nokia Research Center in 2001, and was announced to a broader audience in October 2006 when Nokia stated its intention to incorporate the technology and its current forum into an open, preferably existing industry forum to ensure Wibree's wide adoption.

To date, Broadcom, Casio, CSR, Epson, ItoM, Logitech, Nordic Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics, Suunto, Taiyo Yuden Co and Texas Instruments have contributed to the interoperability specification, profiles and use case definition of Wibree in their respective areas of expertise, and will continue this work in the Bluetooth SIG working groups.

Several new companies, including device, watch and access systems manufacturers will join the finalisation of the specification. Once the specification is finalised, the technology will be made broadly available to the industry via the Bluetooth SIG.

From the start, Wibree was designed to work with two implementation options – as an easily implemented extension to a classic Bluetooth radio, and as a stand-alone implementation

The work of integrating the low power technology within the existing Bluetooth specification has begun, and the first version of the specification is anticipated during first half of 2008.

EZURiO has welcomed the addition of this new ultra low power capability to the Bluetooth standard, which will serve to banish cables from more everyday products. EZURiO plans to support Wibree modules as soon as the standard is stable and the silicon is available.

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