World News: UK court rules Qualcomm patents invalid

World News:  UK court rules Qualcomm patents invalid

In the ruling the judge determined that all of Qualcomm's asserted GSM patent claims are invalid. Therefore Nokia does not need to compensate Qualcomm for these patents.

"We are pleased with the Court's decision that the patent claims are invalid and believe it is consistent with and supported by the facts,' said Rick Simonson, Chief Financial Officer, Nokia. 'This is the second court to conclude that Qualcomm does not have relevant and valid GSM patents."

In a separate case filed by Qualcomm against Nokia, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) last week decided against Qualcomm's petition for review of Judge Luckern's Initial Determination issued in December 2007. Judge Luckern concluded that Nokia does not infringe the three alleged Qualcomm patents in the case and that one of the patents is invalid. This ITC investigation has now been terminated.

Simonson remarked that the UK High Court and US ITC findings are further evidence of Qualcomm overstating its position as an industry innovator and demanding compensation for patents that are neither relevant nor valid.

Similar patents, asserted against Nokia GSM products, are at issue in separate cases filed by Qualcomm against Nokia in China, Europe and the US.The parties have agreed to temporarily stay these patent infringement lawsuits pending court proceedings in the Delaware Chancery Court. Patent invalidation actions, filed by Nokia against Qualcomm patents in suit, continue in China and Germany.

Qualcomm has yet to prevail in any patent litigation action against Nokia, despite having filed eleven lawsuits around the world during a two-year period.

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