World News: Tracker recovers stolen cars in record time

World News:  Tracker recovers stolen cars in record time

Tracker (UK) recovered a stolen BMW in the record-breaking time of eleven minutes. Tracker in South Africa, however, holds a record that may prove impossible to beat.

The BMW was stolen from its owner’s driveway in Manchester after thieves took the keys from an open window. The eleven-minute recovery beat Tracker’s previous record by ten minutes.

The previous quickest recovery, set just eighteen months ago, was a VW Golf in Birmingham found in just 21 minutes.

Nearly 80% of all TRACKER vehicle recoveries are now made after key thefts.

Since 1993, TRACKER (UK) has recovered more than 15,338 vehicles worth a total of £350 million. It has also been instrumental in the arrest of 1,730 car thieves.

Tracker in South Africa surely holds the record for recovering a stolen vehicle within one minute.

As luck would have it, the tracking device was activated while the stolen vehicle was driving in front of one of Tracker’s recovery vehicles. The errant driver was immediately pulled over and arrested on the spot.

In a three-hour period on the night of Tuesday May 8th, Tracker and the SA Police Service made ten arrests around the country, which included the recovery of seven hijacked and stolen vehicles and a suspected chop shop bust which yielded another five stolen vehicles.

The chop shop was discovered in Pretoria after a client contacted Tracker following a misunderstanding with an employee of his regarding the activation of the Tracker unit in a vehicle that had been stolen a month ago.

Since the start of this year, Tracker (South Africa) has already recovered more than 1,500 vehicles and, together with the support of the SAPS, has made some 250 arrests," says communications manager, Gareth Crocker.

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